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Private Funded Criminal Defence Solicitor


Private Funded Criminal Defence Solicitor

Sohail tries to be as transparent as possible when discussing costs.

He will provide regular estimates as to total likely costs. These estimates will be regularly updated.

Sohail can agree a fixed fee for representing you either in respect of a particular stage of a case or for the case in its entirety.

Initial Free Remote consultation for 30mins

Private client charging rates per hour

Sohail's hourly charging rates as at March 2023 are detailed below. Sohail's rates are considered for review in March each year.

Solicitor with over 20 years experience £350

Why book an advice appointment with Sohail (Specialist Solicitor)?

The consultation can cover various topics, such as:

  • Understanding the law

  • Identifying if an offences has been committed

  • Assessing the risk of arrest or prosecution

  • Knowing the police's authority

  • Understanding voluntary interviews and your rights

  • Learning about arrest procedures and what happens afterward

  • Discovering whether the police can seize your computer or phone, and how to retrieve them

  • Understanding the duration of a police investigation

  • Learning how to handle a police interview and what to say

  • Understanding the legal requirements for arrest and conviction

  • Learning about alternatives to going to court, such as receiving a Caution

  • Receiving guidance on collecting and presenting evidence in a criminal case

  • Understanding the media's ability to report on your case and publish your name

  • Learning how to dispute a police forensic report and obtain a defense forensic report

  • Receiving advice on any aspect of your police station or court case

  • Reviewing police or court paperwork

  • Understanding what to do if you are charged or receive a court summons

  • Knowing what to expect at court and who may be present

  • Receiving guidance on whether to plead guilty or not guilty and how to defend your case

  • Understanding the potential sentence and whether imprisonment is a possibility

  • Knowing what to expect during a trial

  • Learning whether you will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register and the associated requirements and restrictions

  • Understanding what a Sexual Harm Prevention Order is and the consequences of violating one

  • Receiving guidance on police station and court procedures, including bail conditions

  • Receiving guidance on how to gather and present evidence to help stop a criminal case

  • Understanding how a criminal conviction may affect your employment, particularly in regards to a DBS check

  • Knowing your rights for appealing a conviction or sentence

  • Learning how to modify or remove bail conditions

  • Receiving guidance on whether therapy may be an option to reduce your sentence

  • Receiving referrals to other organizations that can provide advice and support.

Initial Free Remote consultation for 30mins

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