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TESTIMONIALS Sohail Bashir Experienced Freelance Criminal Defence Solicitor London UK


I am writing to convey my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Sohail Bashir for his outstandingly professional and competent services. He is not only approachable and cordial, but also deserves credit for fighting my case and achieving justice. Additionally, I am extremely thankful for receiving the most favorable outcome possible.


- Sparks A. – Feb, 2023

I highly endorse working with this exceptional solicitor. Sohail, I am deeply appreciative of your assistance and thank you wholeheartedly for putting an end to my distress. My gratitude to you, Sohail Bashir, for resolving my issue and helping me overcome this difficult situation.


- Dennis R. – Feb, 2023

I had a flawless experience with Sohail. I contacted him via phone late at night following a recommendation from a family friend about a case and he responded promptly the next day. He patiently listened to my case circumstances and explained to me the possible outcomes to me. After our conversation, we had a clear plan of action and I fully understood my options. I am extremely grateful for his help and would highly recommend Sohail Bashir.


- Marks R. – Feb 2023

I have had an extremely positive personal experience with Sohail Bashir. From the very first interaction, I felt confident that I had found the right person to assist me. Sohail is an outstanding professional who takes great pride in his work. He paid close attention to all the details of my situation and showed genuine concern for my well-being. His swift and decisive actions reassured me that I had made the correct choice in seeking his assistance. If you are reading this and are facing a similar situation, I highly recommend Sohail Bashir as your solicitor. Don't hesitate to contact him as you will immediately know that you have made the right decision.


- Bavnesh P. – Jan 2023

Sohail Bashir proved to be an exceptional solicitor and an excellent communicator. He was highly responsive to my emails and WhatsApp messages. His advice was especially outstanding, as he explained each issue with great clarity and coherence while demonstrating an extremely sympathetic and thoughtful approach. He took the time to thoroughly address all of my concerns, never making me feel rushed or pressured at any point. Thanks to his swift and efficient handling of my case, we were able to achieve an excellent outcome without a criminal record. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a solicitor, particularly in cases involving indecent images.


- Deepak S. – Nov 2022

As someone who had never required the services of a solicitor or interacted with the legal system before, I was immensely grateful for Sohail's professionalism, courtesy, and responsiveness. He conducted thorough research and provided assistance at every stage, which was absolutely crucial during a highly unsettling and turbulent period of my life. I have complete faith in Sohail Bashir and would strongly recommend him to anyone facing a similar situation, particularly those who are unfamiliar with the legal system.


- Natasha P. – Oct 2022

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your assistance and advice during my recent legal matter. It was comforting to know that professionals like you are available to help when life takes unexpected turns. You guided me through one of the most difficult times of my life with your calm demeanor and thorough attention to detail, which I believe is unmatched. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who requires legal advice.


- Thomas H. – Oct 2022

I found myself in need of legal advice for a situation I had never encountered before. After being recommended Sohail Bashir, I can say that he was excellent from start to finish. He was thorough, detailed, and paid close attention to even the smallest of details. In addition to being highly professional, Mr. Bashir was always available for communication, support, and guidance at any time of day. As an exceptional solicitor and a down-to-earth person who genuinely cares about delivering high-quality legal services, I highly recommend Mr. Bashir for anyone seeking legal advice.


- Annie F. – July 2022

I have nothing but the highest respect and praise for Mr. Sohail Bashir. He provided exceptional service to me and my family, and exceeded our expectations. What makes Mr. Bashir stand out from other solicitors I've worked with is his commitment to providing the best possible service. When I was struggling to find a suitable solicitor for my case, I contacted Mr. Bashir and it was the best decision I made. He provided reassurance, respect, and a determined attitude. My experience with him was very positive, and I always left our meetings feeling hopeful and optimistic. Mr. Bashir's work is authentic and of top quality. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is considering utilizing them.


- Muneer K. – March 2022

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